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Central Kalahari Lodges

There are a small number of Central Kalahari Lodges in the  huge Kalahari Desert. Central Kalahari Lodges spans over some of the largest areas of conservation in Africa. It’s the subject of much debate as to what the Kalahari actually is and what defines its borders – indeed, Kalahari sand extends all the way up into the Congo. Central Kalahari in Botswana is one of the largest conservation areas in Africa and especially Southern Africa. 

Central Kalahari Lodges: widespread 

Central Kalahari Lodges is spread in and around the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Some of the more popular area to visit in Central Kalahari is Tau pan, Deception valley, Sunday Pan, leopard pan, Passage and Moppipi. The vast open Central Kalahari is known for its harsh environment and very well known for the roaring black Maned Kalahari Lion The Lodges offer a well deserved tranquil and Luxury retreat in the Kalahari . You can fly to the Central Kalahari Lodges and from here explore the beauty of central Kalahari under the guidance of your local Safari Provider. The Lodges of the Central Kalahari is Deception valley Lodge and Tau Lodge. These lodges are perfect for the traveller that seeks a level of comfort whilst on safari exploring the Wildlife of Central Kalahari. 

The most common way to explore the Central Kalahari is from the eastern border or the western border. These borders are on route past most of the pans and allow for the largest concentration of animals along the pans of the Kalahari. 

The most frequent sighting in Central Kalahari will be herds of Gemsbok, Kudu, Springbok, Giraffe, Steenbok, Duiker, Bat eared foxes, jackal, Hyena, Honey Badger, Warthogs, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Eland, Wildebeest, and a large variety of bird life. Some people prefer to visit and stay at the camp-sites in the park and then spoil themselves for a two night luxury retreat at one of the Lodges in Central Kalahari. 

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