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The Savuti Marsh is a remnant of a vast inland lake. The Savuti area was cut off from its main water supply aeons ago by the same movement of the earth’s tectonic plates that gave rise to the Okavango Delta. The marsh is part of the Mababe Depression and is fed by the temperamental Savuti Channel. It is known that the Savuti Channel has started to flow 3 years ago. This has brought a lifeline to the dry Savuti region. It is not uncommon to see hippo’s in a pool or grazing along the Savuti Channel. The marsh is home to a large variety of water birds and raptors and this is a highlight on your visit to Chobe National Park.

The main attraction in this area is the variety of a consistent wildlife and predatory cats. The landscape is stunning and game viewing is spectacular. Unique wildlife Experiences such as night-drives and bushman walks are also provided in this wild and unspoiled area.
The pans and pumped water holes are a major attraction during the dry winter months. The 5 000km² Savuti area consists of rich grasslands, Savannah  woodland and a large variety of trees and vegetation. The Savuti Lies in the southern part of the Chobe National Park and is on route towards the Moremi Game Reserve and the eastern part of the Okavango Delta. The journey from Kasane is along a thick sandy road and it is recommended to either travel with a proffessional safari company or when you consider a self drive safari to have a minimum of two vehicles in your group. 

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