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Botswana Safaris

Botswana offers a variety of Botswana safaris for all  visitors with that seek to experience the wildlife of Botswana while being on a safari Holiday. Whether you are silently punted through the maze of the Okavango Delta in a traditional mokoro, watch the elephants at Chobe or you follow Big Cats through the vast spaces of the Kalahari; the wilderness areas of Botswana hold a silent promise of intimate wildlife encounters and beautiful landscapes that will touch your heart and soul. The rough terrains of Botswana demands that you either travel with an experienced safari guide or make use of the fully inclusive safari packages that the lodges has to offer. 

Travel2Botswana caters to the true adventurer as well as those with a discerning taste looking for more than just a touch of luxury. Our luxury safaris will fly you to the most exclusive lodges, where you will find pristine wilderness combined with the highest standard of comfort and elegance. Our self drive safaris will give more of a sense of adventure as you navigate beyond the beaten track and if all you need is a sturdy 4×4 to facilitate your own expedition, we have you covered as well. we at travel2botswana offers you a selection of safari choices along with the option to let our in-house safari team lead you on a private safari adventure in Botswana of your choice. 

Botswana safaris needs to be planned and designed well in advance to ensure availability of the limit park entrance daily and on camp-sites  Recommended travelling times varies from region to region and it is best to consult our team at travel2botswana for updated news and availability. 

Botswana Safari Botswana Safaris

Botswana safaris Botswana safaris

We offer safari packages in the following categories:

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