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Botswana Self Drive Safaris

Botswana offers a great variety of wildlife and adventure combined. Planning your self drive Botswana safari is very important to consult one of our travel2botswana team. The country and is vast and some of the Game Reserves and National Parks are extremely remote and the roads can be impassable at certain times of the year. It is not advised to travel alone in Botswana , especially on a self drive.

Destinations like Central Kalahari , the Okavango , Linyanti and even areas in Moremi can be dangerous when travelling alone, especially with vehicles getting stuck in the Okavango swamp areas. Travel2botswana offer destination management, reservations and updated information on your Botswana self drive safari. We also offer guided Self drives in certain parts of Botswana especially in Central Kalahari. 

Botswana Self Drive Safari Botswana Self Drive safari

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There are a few golden rules in planning your Self Drive Botswana Safari. 

  • 4 x 4 Vehicle selection and equipment ( reputable rental companies are recommended) 
  • Preparation of camping equipment, food, water and essentials for a safari In Botswana
  • GPS systems , satelite phones for emergency 
  • Planning your route and budget for fuel consumption on 4 x 4 sandy roads 
  • Be aware of the wildlife in certain camps for example – hyenas 

In general we do recommend that one can partake on your own Botswana self drive safari, but make sure that you plan well in advance and have the correct vehicles and equipment to ensure the full enjoyment of a self drive safari adventure in Botswana. 


Recommended Self Drive Routes in and around Botswana

You can send our team your self drive request . 

Guidelines for Self Drive Safaris

  • Recommended to travel min 2 vehicles at a time
  •  Communication between vehicles are recommended – radio’s
  • Satelite phone are recommended for emergencies
  • Familiarize yourself with your vehicle & equipment
  • Plan your fuel consumption considering the 4 x 4 tracks
  • Plan your water supply
  • Spares and spare wheels
  • Efficient medical kit
  • Make sure that you have reservations for the parks and campsites and that all is pre – paid before departure
  • Saftey in the parks at your camps are of essence
  • Please remove all rubbish and burning logs from camps
  • No food to be stored in tents
  • No sleeping outside of tents
  • Decent maps and GPS is recoomended

You can plan and design your self drive botswana safari with the help of local knowledge and experience.

Self Drive Botswana Safari Options

  • Do it yourself
  • Rent a local guide
  • Rent a local guided vehicle
  • Join an organised Self Drive Safari

You are welcome to contact us for advice and recommendations on your Botswana Self Drive Safaris.
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