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Houseboat Safaris

Houseboat Safaris  is the perfect and tranquil escape for the traveller that wants to relax and experience the Okavango River or the Chobe River within the comfortable luxury of a Houseboat. These Houseboat safaris are fully inclusive of all activities on offer, meals, accommodation and transfers to and from the Houseboat. 
This could be a part of yourself drive, guided mobile safari or luxury Fly in safari. The tranquillity of a houseboat on the Okavango or Chobe River offer you a totally unique insight to the life , bird life and even wildlife of Botswana – undisturbed. 
The best destinations from where you can join a Houseboat safari is from Kasane next to the Chobe National Park and from Shakawe or Sepupa at the Okavango Delta. 

Chobe River and Chobe National Park offers one of the best wildlife locations for a Houseboat safari. You can view from Large herds of Elephant, Buffalo, Hippos to a variety of Raptors, water birds and even predators hunting on the Chobe Flood Plains. It is a very relaxing experience and the fully inclusive houseboat packages offers a very relaxed and well deserved holiday. 

Okavango river and Okavango Houseboats is based on the main channel and the famous Okavango Pan Handle of Botswana. Located in the North west of Botswana the pan handle is less commercial and is surrounded by islands and local communities living from the source of life namely the Okavango River. 
Zambezi-QueenChobe Houseboat
houseboat safari Chobe House boats
Choose the ideal Houseboat safari for you and your family or friends. The house boats ranges from different sizes and it is recommended to consult one of our Travel2botswana team to arrange the ideal houseboat safari experience. 
A popular choice is to plan a few days in Victoria Falls , a wildlife safari in Chobe National Park and then an overnight or a two night stay on a House Boat of your choice.